Hello World (The New ShaneOfAllTrades)

Hi Folks, welcome to the new ShaneOfAllTrades!

I am Shane and finally updating the website for the first time in a few years. This time around I will be focusing more on blogging, to share my future QA and web development adventures.

The Future

For now, consolidating my focus to modern QA practices for JavaScript web applications. In the process I will share some dope useful information (well, hopefully it is either dope or useful to someone). The goal is not to only learn the latest practices, but to contribute back to the community and take the time to create testing tools and frameworks that don’t suck.
I am extremely excited in this direction, because my other passion is web development, combined with automation it is peanut butter & jelly!

The Rear-View Mirror

Still young in the tech world, I started in 2012 after an exit plan from construction, spending some years in SEO and CMS design using PHP to help pay the bills. After that many Python projects doing hacky scraping stuff, mostly more work to pay the bills and to find myself in this new vast world. Finally I found myself at Sony in an agile scrum team, offering me a more structured view of tech practices.

During these 5 long years, I picked up Lean Six Sigma and Scrum Master Certifications while gaining hands on scrum, testing and other tech practices. I even acquired a very expensive Coleman University CI Certification, graduating with honors.

Is all of this crap useful for my future? Well only the future will tell, but I can say I have seen and learned a lot in a very short time. I am grateful to all of those who have helped me get here, opening doors when I was still so green. Seriously, I hardly knew how to use a computer, let alone build stuff on one before 2012! There is always a beginning to everything.

Most in Life is awesome, but what do I really like outside of the tech world?

Growing up with reptiles and having worked at a major importer as a kid, then a fish store; reptiles, amphibians and fish will always be a fascination of mine. Nature and the natural process of things are the root of this fascination.

I have no doubt projects on the Raspberry Pi or Tessel for climate regulation or other fun project will find a blog here in the future. I am sure any “crossroads” of activity will be good for our community. Speaking of crossroads, a great read is The Medici Effect, great examples of combined ideas and people to gain synergy.

Also, I have dabbled in art and have 20 years of construction; that also defines who I am and will likely be another intersection to pull into my path and see what sticks.

Anyways that’s more than enough about me, please introduce yourself in the comments and offer some ideas on the direction of testing, automation and QA you would like to see, or anything you want to chat about.


Shane Reaume